Vegetables & Potatoes


The Horticulture display is one of the brightest at The Royal with fruits and vegetables of all shapes, sizes and shades. Baskets and crates overflow with pumpkins, apples, onion ropes, potatoes and so much more! With over 60 different classes, the 2016 Vegetable Competition & Display is not to be missed! Winning a class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair holds the utmost prestige for these farmers, and they work hard all year long in order to achieve it.

And don't miss the Giant Vegetable competition which is judged live on Saturday Nov. 5th.  Will the Royal Record of 1414.6 lbs. for the Giant Pumpkins be broken?



Did you know?

  • Canada’s Food Guide recommends that Canadians eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day!
  • Potatoes are grown from coast-to-coast in Canada, and are one of our most valuable vegetable crops.
  • Canadian farmers produce over 150 different varieties of potatoes, to meet the requirements of every market!!

 Ensure that you visit the winning vegetables on display at the 2016 Royal Fair, from November 4-13!


Vegetable Results

Are you interested in entering the Vegetable and Potato Competitions at The Royal? Click here for more information.