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Did you know that The Royal Horse was voted one of the Top Ten Horse Shows in North America in 2014?  We are also proud to be the #1 rated indoor horse show on the continent!

If you’ve never been to a Horse Show, here’s a bit of information to make your day at the Royal Horse Show that much more fun! The Royal boasts a huge variety of equestrian based competition open to all ages and many different breeds of horses.

A highlight of the Royal Horse Show, our competitions for International Show Jumpers take place November 11th – 15th and provide an opportunity to enjoy the very best riders from around the world competing with their equine partners. Jumpers are judged solely on objective performance so it's easy to follow along. Horses and riders compete over a course of very high, colourful jumps and are assessed penalties for knocking a jump down, refusing to jump a jump, jumping obstacles in the wrong order or for surpassing the time allowed by the course designer. The Hickstead FEI World CupTM is one of our most attended events as results from this competition determine the riders that will represent their home countries at the World Cup Finals in Las Vegas next spring. Riders from North America, South America and Europe will compete at this year's show so pick your hometown favorite and don’t be afraid to cheer loudly when they have a fault free performance!

In addition to spectacular Show Jumping, The Royal also hosts the Canadian Championships for Hunters. Hunters are considered to be the supermodels of the sport and are judged on their style and technique of jumping, manners and overall presentation as well as the smoothness of their jumping round. Hunter jumps resemble obstacles that rider and horse would have come across during their gallop across the country side while fox hunting. Fence rails, gates, shrubs and walls are very common elements in today’s modern show ring for hunters. Will you fall in love with the beautiful black horse with the white star? You will also be amazed at all of the breeds of horses shown that pull carts, wagons and big hitches. In addition to the movement, manners and turnout of the horses, the judge may also take into consideration what type of wagon or cart horses are pulling. Cheer for your favorite high stepping hackney, shout when the announcer calls “drive on!” in the road horse classes or clap and whoop it up when the judges approaches your favorite heavy horse hitch for inspection!

Come to The Royal Horse Show and decide who your favorite is. Our competitors appreciate their fans!

  • Book lunch or dinner at your favourite Royal Restaurant. Be sure to reserve early, as peak dining times before Horse Show matinees and evening performances always fill up quickly. Reservation lines open September 15th, 2014.
  • The Royal Horse Show welcomes exhibitors back for the 93rd edition of The Royal Horse Show.
  • Take a stroll around the historical horse palace for a behind the scenes look at the effort and hours of preparation required for the horses to go under the lights in the Ricoh Coliseum.
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