Butter Sculptures


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and our partner Gay Lea provide Toronto art students with over 300 kg of butter to sculpt into their interpretation of Canadian Agriculture. At The Royal they don't have to look far to get inspiration for their sculptures and many like to go and sketch the animals before they begin.

The students will be sculpting in the Butter Sculpture Trailer starting on Friday Nov. 6 to Wednesday Nov.11. All of the entries will be judged on Thursday Nov. 12 at 10:30am by our panel of art professionals, including some past Royal Champions! The 2014 Champion Butter Sculpture will be asked to come back from Friday Nov.13th to Sunday Nov.15th to sculpt another magnificent work of art.


Butter Sculpture Judging - Live! Thursday Nov. 12th 10:30am in Hall B 


If you are interested in being a competitor in the Butter Sculpture competition please contact the Agriculture Show Office, information is Here.