November 8 - 1:15 pm

Amber Marshall – Sold Out!

Amber Marshall with Chef Trevor Lui

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Born and raised in London, Ontario, a city with one foot in its rural past and another in its urban future, Amber grew up with that same blend of big-city smarts and down-home groundedness that has enabled her to accomplish success in each of her many passions. Now in her twelfth year starring as Amy Fleming, the horse-whispering miracle girl at the centre of the television drama Heartland, Amber plays a character who, not by accident, rings true with the show’s millions of fans around the world.

Now more than a decade later both Amy Fleming and Amber Marshall have grown into strong, capable young women. Amber left behind the rolling hills of southwestern Ontario and now proudly makes her home in the same beautiful terrain of southern Alberta that is depicted on Heartland. This is where reality departs from the myth-making of television as Amber competently manages her own ranch and is a fiercely independent soul fully capable of disappearing into the mountains for a weekend of fishing, trail riding and camping. During the winter, Amber enjoys snowmobile trips to the mountains and spending time with her animals and family.

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