Amede Thompson

Amede Thompson

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Amede is a full status Indigenous member of Rocky Bay First Nation, born in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.

Amede is committed and infatuated with being a culinarian. He brings all his knowledge, experience, and education to the table by combining science with a unique perspective, understanding, and vision for the future of the culinary arts.

In the pursuit of Advancing Progressive Canadian Indigenous Cuisine, Amede has worked with well over 67 executive chefs, performed various management roles, and regularly fulfills associated positions in both front and back of house.

Years of experience in the food and hospitality industry molded Amede into the professional culinarian he is today! Building upon his experience, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences at the prestigious Culinary Institute of Canada.

Prior to becoming a culinarian, Amede worked for five years in professional forestry leadership, skills, and training. He also studied for one year in electrician school to one day build his own infrastructure.

Amede believes that professionalism can be applied to anything, and nearly everything can be scientifically proven and, in turn, can be applied to a variety of situations or problems. He states, “only if we care to learn or be open to positive changes, to learn and listen to others before having any preconceived judgments about anyone or anything, that is the key to professional teamwork and communication!” Amede himself has struggled but always persevered and prevailed to many new beginnings while learning as much as possible along the journey. Amede aims to continue to focus on a path to success, but above all, he wants to ensure that his son has the opportunity to appreciate what the culinary arts can really be for Indigenous peoples.

Amede welcomes feedback, discussions, and opportunities to share knowledge. He intends to one day become a culinary professor or a certified master chef, so he can teach and help guide people in putting Progressive Canadian Indigenous Cuisine on the map. He is passionate, hardworking, determined, safety-oriented, and strives to provide the best possible culinary experience to anyone who chooses to dine where his culinary art is served.

Amede is featured in many publications, ranging from the Chronicle Journal, The Walleye Newspaper, Wawatay Newspaper, to The New York Times. Amede has written a multifaceted thesis about building a business project to tackle the food insecurity crisis in remote Canada.