Binit Pandey

Binit Pandey

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Chef Binit Pandey understood the power of food even as a child, witnessing the joy and comfort that his mother’s cooking brought to friends and family. In all their moments of togetherness, food was at the centre. Though he pursued hotel management at first, the kitchen always called to him because he wanted to replicate the magical experiences his mother created for others.

Over 15 years, Chef Binit has developed a unique global take on cuisine while working across India, Germany and Qatar. Indian hotels presented a range of cooking challenges, from European and Chinese fine dining to the country’s first organic restaurant. He was invited to cook Indian food at Germany’s Le Noir, a two-Michelin-star restaurant, before moving to Qatar to work in hotel dining and events. The latest step of his culinary journey finds Chef Binit in Canada, where O&B’s diverse portfolio of restaurants stood out to him.

The number one ethos at Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, Yonge & Front is globally inspired food. Here, Chef Binit is all about cooking with different flavours from around the world, allowing guests to experience that variety in a single location. To really get a taste of that worldly philosophy, he recommends either the Korean fried cauliflower or the hummus with edamame and spiced lamb.

Motivated to keep guests’ taste buds on their toes, Chef Binit likes to travel far and wide for fresh culinary inspiration. When staying at home, he still seeks adventure through his love for outdoor sports.