November 5 - 12:00 pm

Kids Cooking Series with Keith Hoare

Keith Hoare

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Chef Keith Hoare has been involved in the foodservice industry for over 35 years, including teaching for the past 12 years at Thistletown C.I. Chef Keith has won various teaching awards including the Toronto Star ‘Teacher of the Year’ Award and is also a Chopped Canada Champion. Other career highlights include:
-working with students taking excess food donations and ‘food waste’ and produces meals for local shelters
-started an in-school food bank project
– raised over a quarter of a million dollars ($390 000) for school projects including: international culinary trips for his students (Italy, Spain, & France), and resurrecting Thistletown’s Football program in 2008.
– offers practical hospitality experience to his students through entrepreneurial projects (catering, food festivals, producing preserves and pickles)
– mentored countless students to medal wins at: the National, Provincial and Regional Skills Canada competitions, the Niagara College High-school cook off competitions and the Georgian College High school competitions.
– mentored two of his culinary students to wins on Chopped Canada Teen tournament (Yohannes Asres & Justice Chea)
– engages his students in events to support local charities: Youth without Shelter, Gilda’s House and Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter
– involved in coaching school teams football, soccer, hockey and volleyball
– competed and won Chopped Canada (2015) donated the $10000 prize to student’s trip to Spain & France

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