November 10 - 11:00 am

Shonah Chalmers

Shonah Chalmers CCC, B.A.Sc., WCCE

Shonah Chalmers is an honours graduate of the Culinary Management program at Humber College. After six years in professional kitchens Shonah successfully completed her interprovincial red seal trade papers, then later, Shonah then passed her CCC (Certified Chef de Cuisine). Shonah completed her two-year Culinary Operations degree at Holland College to receive her B.A.Sc., which introduced her to the bigger ideas of food waste management and global food sustainability and her ability to affect her peers and community.

Her Culinary career has taken her from fine dining restaurants and hotels in Toronto to a ski resort in Gunma-ken Japan to the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger in South Africa which further peaked her interest in helping to feed those in need of nutritious meals . Chef Shonah Chalmers has been a culinary educator at Humber College for the last decade and remains very involved and relevant in the world of food sustainability by educating our next Chefs of its importance all over the world. Shonah can be found assisting with many local, National and International food initiatives; Urban Beekeeping,  Daily bread food bank, Culinary Federation initiatives, World Chefs Tour Against Hunger,  International Chefs day & World Chefs Congress. Chef Chalmers currently holds the role of Vice Chair on the World Chefs feed the Planet & Sustainability Committee, which she hopes will make a difference in the food service industry. As well she is currently the only Chef in Canada to complete the accreditation of Worldchefs Culinary Educator (WCCE).  Much of Shonah’s energies continue to be focused on the sharing, mentoring & moving forward of the culinary industry for all cooks and chefs in a positive and balanced way.

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