Trevor Lui

Trevor Lui

Presented by Canada Beef

Trevor has made a life and career surrounded

by the sights and sounds of food and drink. He

has spent more than 20 years producing

thousands of event experiences as an

executive for major entertainment venues, top tier hotels & casinos for the likes of heads of

states and Hollywood starlets. A diverse

builder of innovative implementation, brand

marketing, operations and ground zero build

outs, he likens a good, honest meal on a street

corner than being tied down to a corporate

boardroom. He’s a lover of ‘the story’ and

inspired with each bite and sip around him and

believes we are all connected through our

dining experiences.In 2018, Trevor shed his corporate job to fulfil

his entrepreneurial dream of creating unique

experiences. He has helped co-create and develop some of Toronto’s foremost food

brands, Kanpai Snack Bar, Yatai Japanese

Street Food, Shook Noodle, La Brea Food, Fat

Rabbit and stackt market collaborations,

Makan Noodle Bar, Pop Kitchen,

Joybird, BaoBird, and his most recent creation,

Superfresh Night Market.