Meet Dawson & Pacey: The 2024 Royal Ambassadors

This year, we’re unveiling double the fun with Dawson and Pacey, two charismatic alpacas from All In Alpacas, owned by Derek and Lindsay Stoltz and their teenage daughters in Rockwood, Ontario.

The Stoltz family’s farming roots run deep. Derek grew up on a dairy farm in Waterloo Region, showing cattle for many years through 4H. Lindsay, a small-town girl with a passion for horses, also participated in 4H and dreamed of one day competing at the Royal Horse Show under its bright lights.

Lindsay’s love for animals led her to a career in veterinary medicine. During her first year at the Ontario Veterinary College, she encountered alpacas during a small ruminant lab and was instantly captivated. This love-at-first-sight moment in 2000 marked the beginning of a dream.

Derek, despite pursuing accounting, remained dedicated to farming. He often jokes that alpacas were part of the marriage contract! In 2020, their dream became reality with the arrival of their first herd of six alpacas, handpicked from elite genetic lines across Canada. Today, their herd has grown to 18 alpacas and continues to expand.

All In Alpacas focuses on breeding alpacas with excellent conformation, gentle temperaments, and exceptional fiber. These principles guide every decision they make. Since 2021, the farm has welcomed thousands of visitors and offers a variety of handcrafted, Canadian- made premium alpaca products. As a member of the Alpaca Ontario board, Lindsay had the honor of chairing the inaugural “Royal Alpaca Show” at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair last yeat (2023). The Stoltz family looks forward to many more years of showcasing their alpacas at The Royal and advocating for the importance of fiber production in Ontario. Now onto introducing the newest members of The Royal Family! 

Meet Dawson

Meet Dawson, the lighter one of the two half brothers, is a handsome fawn cria (young alpaca) who if full of confidence. A few months older than his half brother, he made a grand entrance all on his own, thanks to his experienced mom, Charm. 

Meet Pacey

Pacey, a delightful surprise, boasts a striking dark rose grey coat from his black and fawn parents. 

Get ready to fall in love with Dawson & Pacey! We look forward to celebrating these remarkable alpacas who will bring life to The 2024 Fair. Stay tuned for ways to interact with these stars in the making this November.

The Royal Ambassador Program

From Kay the Sheep and Winston the Percheron Cross to Turbo the Goat and Lil’ Ben the Miniature Horse, and the rooster duo, The Royal Duke and his son, The Royal Roy, our ambassadors have always embodied the spirit and tradition of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

The tradition of the Royal Ambassadors epitomizes the essence of “the country comes to the city.” Each year, we select animals that personify the best of rural life, bridging the gap between urban attendees and the agricultural heritage of our country. These ambassadors become celebrated celebrities at The Royal, capturing the hearts of visitors with their charisma and charm.

Ambassadors are chosen not only for their exceptional qualities but also for their ability to engage and delight the public. Their experience in being celebrated and interacting with people makes them perfect representatives of the Fair’s mission to educate and entertain. Our ambassadors captivate hearts and enrich the Fair with their playful antics and gentle presence.

As you walk through the fairgrounds this November, you’ll see our ambassadors interacting with visitors, embodying the spirit of the Fair. They represent the deep-rooted traditions and vibrant future of Canadian agriculture. Join us in celebrating these remarkable ambassadors and the legacy they uphold at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Their presence reminds us of the rich agricultural history that continues to thrive and inspire new generations.