Who will be this year’s Royal Champions?

The Royal features over 50 agricultural competitions showcasing more than 5,800 animals and 1,200 agriculture products and events from over 2500 exhibitors from across Canada and the United States. Over 1,200 youth compete at national finals in dairy, beef, sheep, goat, swine, field crop, public speaking and agriculture knowledge trivia. It really is the best of the best in Canadian agriculture. Find out who will be crowned Royal Champion this year.

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Livestock Competitions

Beef Cattle

Breeders of Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Limousin, Shorthorn, Simmental and Speckle Park cattle will all vie for the esteemed title of Masterfeeds Supreme Champion after hosting breed shows. Youth will be participating in the Masterfeeds National Junior Beef Heifer Show.

Dairy Cattle

The National Ayrshire, National Red and White Holstein, National Black and White Holstein Heifer Classes, National Jersey shows and the Dairy Sale of Stars will take place in the Semex Ring of Excellence. The National Black and White Holstein show will be held in the Coca-Cola Coliseum.


Love goats? Everyone does. The Royal welcomes close to 500 goats into the barns that compete in 12 divisions in the dairy and meat goat shows. The Masterfeeds Youth Goat Show have pee wee, junior, intermediate and senior divisions.

Poultry, Waterfowl & Birds

There are over 175 different breeds of Standard Poultry, Bantams, Pigeons, and Waterfowl competing this year.

Rabbits & Cavies

They’re fun, they’re cute & kids love em! The Royal showcases over 100 different selections of breeds of rabbits and cavies, and several fiber classes to showcase wool, or garments made of angora wool and other natural fibers.


The Royal welcomes over 500 sheep with eight different & unique breeds into the barns. You will see everything from Suffolk’s, Oxford’s, Lincoln’s, Texel’s, North County Cheviot’s, Southdown’s, Hampshire’s, and Dorset’s.


Every year The Royal hosts the Ontario Junior Swine Show & Sale on opening day of the fair. The competition is for Ontario youth (9-21) passionate about raising and showing swine. Competitors are vying for championship titles in showmanship and conformation.

Agriculture Product Competitions

Butter Tarts

We have amateur and professional divisions of this traditional treat, as well as a special ingredients class for those creative bakers.

Cheese & Butter

Witness over 400lbs of cheese competing in five major categories. See everything from giant blocks of cheddar, round brie wheels, flavoured goat’s cheese, and buffalo milk cheese.

Field Crops

The youth of Ontario have combed their fields to bring us samples of the very best, award winning wheat, oat and barley sheaf crops. Competition open to 4-H Ontario members.

Fleece Wool

Every year the Royal showcases 11 categories of Fleece Competition, all vying for the title of the Grand Champion Fleece. Come watch the fleece as it is worked through stages of production live during the Drop Spindle and Sheep to Shawl Competitions.

Honey, Beeswax & Mead

This liquid gold often combined with golden pieces of honey comb submerged right in the honey will be judged on clarity, colour, flavour and aroma. Come and learn about the 5 different categories of honey and get your “sweet” on!


Our annual competition for the biggest, tallest, heaviest and most unusual beets, cabbages, carrots, gourds, parsnips, sunflowers and apples attracts exhibitors from all over. The Giant Pumpkin display is a spectator favourite, so come get your picture taken with these scale-tippers!

Hot Sauce

Spice up your life with our Hot Sauce Competition! Judged on originality, flavour, texture, aroma and salinity, this new competition is sure to turn up the competitive heat!

Ice Cream

They say where there’s ice cream there’s happiness, so come get your scoop of happiness at our Royal Ice Cream Competition! Judged on aroma, appearance, texture and flavour, this competition is sure to please all the senses!

Jams, Jellies & Pickles

The preservation masters of Canada compete with the best strawberry jam, marmalade, and dill pickles to be the Premier Jam or Pickle Maker in professional and amateur divisions.

Maple Syrup

It’s dense, clear, flavourful and a gift from the many Canadian maple trees to us. The judging of the maple syrup contest is a sticky, but sweet job if you can get it. You put it on your pancakes, we put it to the judges…

Ready To Eat (RTE) Meat Snacks

Who doesn’t love delicious meat snacks! This competition gives meat lovers the opportunity to showcase and compete their best and tastiest versions of dry cured, smoked and dehydrated meats.

Other Competitions

Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture

CYSA’s mission is to provide Canadian youth with a professional public speaking competition through which they can develop communication and workforce skills demanded by Canada’s competitive agriculture and agri-food industry.

Provincial 4-H Go For The Gold

The Go For The Gold competition is a great experience for 4-H members to increase their knowledge of 4-H project materials, agriculture, food, community events and much more, all while doing so in a team atmosphere!

Square Dance

The Canadian Old Times Square Dances are always a crowd favourite. Come watch 4-H’ers, college and university students, and anyone else that has been practicing, Dive-Through Pass Through and Oklahoma Star their way around The Royal.