Who will be this year’s Royal Champions?

This year The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is celebrating its 100th Anniversary of being Canada’s premier showcase for excellence in livestock, crops and food.

This will be a historic and unprecedented year in the livestock barns as nearly every breed – large and small – will be hosting their national competition at The 2022 Royal.

For the first time ever four of the nine food competitions (cheese, butter, ready-to-eat meats and ice cream) will be moved to June 2022 to ensure inseason judging. The jams and jellies, hot sauce, pickling, maple products and the everpopular butter tart competitions will continue to take place in September. You can expect to see the Royal Champions in all these competitions integrated into various restaurants, hospitality and digital initiatives at this year’s Fair.

 Join this proud Royal tradition and enter your food item at the 100th Anniversary Fair.

The 2022 Royal Food Competitions is proudly supported by The Government of Ontario.

Agriculture Competition: View the 2022 Results

Official 2022 Results

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The Royal Champions Showdown

Champions Showdown – Sheep Edition is the livestock feature of the 2021 Royal Agricultural Virtual Experience: Summer Session, putting the past 8 years of Grand Champions in a head-to-head battle to crown the Ultimate Royal Supreme Champions. This bracket-style competition is open to all to vote for their top contender.

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Food Product Competitions


Honey, Beeswax & Mead

This liquid gold often combined with golden pieces of honey comb submerged right in the honey will be judged on clarity, colour, flavour and aroma. Come and learn about the 5 different categories of honey and get your "sweet" on!

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Ice Cream

They say where there's ice cream there's happiness, so come get your scoop of happiness at our Royal Ice Cream Competition! Judged on aroma, appearance, texture and flavour, this competition is sure to please all the senses!

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Butter Tarts

We have amateur and professional divisions of this traditional treat, as well as a special ingredients class for those creative bakers.

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Hot Sauce

Spice up your life with our Hot Sauce Competition! Judged on originality, flavour, texture, aroma and salinity, this new competition is sure to turn up the competitive heat!

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Maple Syrup & Maple Products

It's dense, clear, flavourful and a gift from the many Canadian maple trees to us. The judging of the maple syrup contest is a sticky, but sweet job if you can get it. You put it on your pancakes, we put it to the judges...

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Cheese & Butter

Witness over 400lbs of cheese competing in five major categories. See everything from giant blocks of cheddar, round brie wheels, flavoured goat's cheese, and buffalo milk cheese.

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Jams & Jellies

From strawberry to blueberry and everything in-between, this competition finds the best of the best in both professional and amateur divisions.

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The preservation masters of Canada compete with the best dill pickles, relish and chutney to be the Premier Pickle Maker in professional and amateur divisions.

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Ready To Eat (RTE) Meat Snacks

Who doesn't love delicious meat snacks! This competition gives meat lovers the opportunity to showcase and compete their best and tastiest versions of dry cured, smoked and dehydrated meats.

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