Thursday, November 10th from 10: 00 am - 3:00 pm

Education Symposium Presented by the University of Guelph, Ontario Agricultural College: The Future of Food

The Royal has partnered with the University of Guelph to design this year’s Education Symposium for Career and Guidance Counsellors, Grade 10 Careers classes, high school students, and educators looking to demonstrate how scientific innovations and emerging technologies in STEM fields impact society and careers, and are applied to solving real-world problems in food and farming.

Come learn about the varied careers available in the evolving agri-food sector, and the educational pathways to getting there. Speakers from Ontario Agricultural College and other organizations will address The Future of Food in several sessions, with opportunities for Q&A. 

Programming includes: 

Louis A. Colaruotolo, PhD candidate in Food Science

Designing & Building Longer Lasting Food

3D printing food for longer shelf life

Jordan Grigg – Sustainability Programme Coordinator for County of Wellington and MSc Student

Common Ground: how Soil Connects Us

Micro-plastics in agricultural soils and community connection to soil


Dr. Michael Von Massow, Associate Professor in the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics

How Technology and Consumers are Changing the Food System

Food producers and sellers need to think strategically to respond to changing appetites 


As well as speakers and panel discussions from Agscape, The Foundations of Ag Management, and the Associate Dean of the Ontario Agricultural College.

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Students & Teachers

Please note you are required to purchase Royal Admission tickets for yourself and your students to gain admission to the event.