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The learning continues here all year!

Explore these resources to support the learning at and beyond The Fair. Curriculum links, classroom resources, activities for The Fair, and more.

For Teachers

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Primary Science

Grades 1-3

Intermediate Science

Grades 4-8

Secondary Careers

Grades 9-12

Learning at The Royal

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Learning beyond The Royal

Digital Education Content

The Royal has been working with our partners to create new curriculum-connected digital educational materials. Whether you are looking to extend a trip to The Fair beyond the day of your visit, or want to connect with learning at The Royal from afar, education content from The Royal will help support learning whenever and wherever you need it.

Interactive Activities

The Ultimate Kids Quiz! Presented with Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Poo or False? In this interactive quiz, learners will move through three levels to see if they can identify whether statements about Cows, Dairy Farming in Ontario, and the Nutrition of Milk are true. 

Can you tell if the statements are Poo (True) or False?

Egg Anatomy!

Science, Grades 1-3
Healthy Active Living, Grades 1-4

Topics: Anatomy, Nutrition, Needs of Living Things

Explore the functions and structure of an egg, and understand how each of the parts of the egg work together to provide the needs of living things. Learners can then race against the clock to test their egg knowledge!


Busy Bee

Science, Grades 1-4

Topics: Pollination, Ecosystems, Food Webs, Biodiversity, Parts of the Plant

This interactive module with quiz activity will engage learners as they explore the role of pollinators, the interrelationships in ecosystems, biodiversity, plant anatomy, and the needs of living things

Everything Apples!

Science, Grades 3-6

Topics: Plant Reproduction, Biodiversity, Adaptations, Genetics

Learners become ‘Apple Experts’ as they learn about the varieties of apples grown in Ontario and how they come to be. Learners will explore the life cycle of plants, plant reproduction and adaptations, cross-pollination, research in plant genetics and trait heritability, and biodiversity.

Healthy Eating Skills

Healthy Active Living, Grades 4-9
HFN1O/2O Food & Nutrition, Grade 9

Topics: Food & Nutrition, Healthy Eating Choices, Nutrition Facts Tables, Canada’s Food Guide, Math Skills

This learning activity and quiz game dissects the parts of Nutrition Facts Tables, the core recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide, and builds students’ skills in deciphering and making calculations using nutrition information. This learning activity will help students examine their own relationships to food, and the ways in which they can make healthy choices within their own food environments.

Get to Know Your Nutrients

Healthy Active Living, Grades 1-10

Topics: Food & Nutrition, Healthy Eating Choices, Nutrition Facts Tables, Chemistry

Designed to frame discussions on healthy eating choices, this interactive activity explores the core nutrients found on Nutrition Facts Tables. Learners will investigate the nutrients’ roles in the body, their chemistry, and their presence in different foods. Multiple quiz games check understanding of the different nutrients and in which foods they can be found.

Ask a Dairy Educator Anything!

Grades 1-9

Topics: STEM Skills & Connections, Careers in Science, Robotics & Coding, Nutrition, Food Systems

Digital Education Symposium 2022

Science, Grades 6-10
Careers, Grade 10
Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Grades 11-12

Topics: Soil Science, Food Science, Careers in Science, STEM Technologies, Nature of Matter, Needs of Living Things, Ecosystems, Climate Change, Sustainability, Food Spoilage, Equity & Social Justice

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