The Royal At-Home Butter Sculpture Challenge Returns!

One of the most iconic attractions at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the Butter Sculpture Competition. This year, our at-home Virtual Butter Sculpture Challenge returned with entries that were stronger than ever!

The Royal and a panel of esteemed experts (including our Royal Ambassadors, #TheRoyalDuke and his son #TheRoyalRoy) have selected the finalists – there are 7 lucky finalists in the Adult Category and 15 finalists in the Kids Category.

It is now up to Canadians to crown the winners! Voting is now open.

The polls will close 1 week from today.

The Royal Champion in each category, will receive a Royal prize package valued at $150 CAD. Good luck!

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2020 Butter Sculpture Champions

13-and-over Winner: Dave Hawey

12-and-under Winner: Elsa

How it works

Launching October 19, anyone (kids and adults alike!) is welcome to create a miniature butter sculpture from one pound of butter. Once your sculpture is complete (and photo ready!) – snap a pic and share on Instagram using #ButterSculptureChallenge and tagging @theroyalfair to enter the contest and have a chance to be crowned a Royal Champion. Not on social media? Feel free to email your masterpiece by clicking the Enter Now button above. There are two categories: one for kids 12 and under, and one for everyone else. Be sure to identify which category you’re entering when you submit.

Entries close November 4 at 11:59 EST, after which The Royal and a panel of esteemed experts (including our 2020 Royal Ambassador, Duke the Silkie Frizzle Rooster!) will select a group of finalists in each category, who will be announced on November 10.

From there, it’ll be up to Canadians to decide, voting online for their favourite – with a winner crowned a Royal Champion in each category, receiving a prize valued at $150 CAD.

Three Tips for Butter Sculpting

  • Temperature is key

    When getting ready to sculpt, make sure your butter is cold, and if you can – sculpt in a cool room (or even outside). It’s important to get the temperature right – too cold and the butter will crack; too warm and it’ll melt. If you notice that it starts to get too soft, quickly throw your creation into the fridge for 15 minutes.

  • Select your base

    Before you get started, be sure to pick out a plate or cutting board to make your creation on so that you can easily move it to and from the fridge.

  • Tool time!

    Butter sculpting is all about creativity – and so, feel free to use whatever you have around the kitchen: spoons, popsicle sticks, cheese graters. Use your imagination to create your masterpiece.

And once your sculpture is complete, don’t forget to share a photo on social media using the hashtag,#ButterSculptureChallenge and tag @theroyalfair. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Looking for some inspiration?