Horticulture Competition



Classes 6, 20, 21, 22, and 25
All Other Classes
DATE: Wednesday October 30th, 2024
7:00 PM
: Lower East Annex (at Show Office)
DATE: Saturday November 2, 2024
11:00 AM
: Lower East Annex (at Show Office)

Thank you to GVGO for their sponsorship of the competition and horticultural display

Competition Information

Entry Deadline: Friday October 25, 2024.

Entry Fees (Classes 1 - 24): $7.00 per entry (plus administration fee and taxes).

Entry Fee (Class 25): $27.00 per entry (plus administration fee and taxes).

Late Entry Fee: Late entries will be accepted until Tuesday October 29, 2024 at 3:00 PM. Classes 1 - 24 late fees are $15 (plus administration fees and taxes), and Class 25 late fees are $38 per each entry (plus administration fees and taxes).

Arrival Time:

  • WEDNESDAY JUDGING: Giant Vegetables can arrive between Sunday October 27, 2024, and Wednesday October 30, 2024, before 5:00 PM. Judging begins at 7:00 PM.
  • SATURDAY JUDGING: Must arrive before 9:00 AM. Judging begins at 11:00 AM. Vegetables judged on Saturday can arrive at the RAWF anytime between Sunday October 27 - Saturday November 2.

Removal Time: Entries can be collected between Sunday November 10, 2024, 6:00 PM - 12:00 PM and on Monday November 11, 2024, if exhibitor has indicated their intention to pick up their entries. Entires may not be collected before 6:00 PM on Sunday. Growers may contact committee members to remove and save seeds from the Giant Pumpkin and Squash on the growers' behalf.

2024 Royal Horticulture Committee

Chairman: Rebecca Mercer

Vice Chairman: Joe Bush

Joanne Borcsok
Norman Craven
Brian Gilroy
Marvin Creighton
Chris Lyons
Kirk Chenier
Honorary Life Member: Steve Hoult
Consulting Members: Shawn Janse and Mary Ruth McDonald

Affiliated Members: Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Ontario Apple Growers, Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario, Holland Marsh Growers Association

2024 Feature Vegetable

Long Gourd


  1. All entries made are subject to the RAWF’s General Rules and Regulations. All exhibitors are bound by them. Entries must be made via AssistExpo, RAWF's online entry system. Please email entry@royalfair.org if you would like to make your entries over the phone or via a paper entry form.
  2. Every exhibitor must have grown the product exhibited themselves and it must have been grown in the county in which the exhibitor resides.
  3. ALL exhibits, whether shipped (prepaid) or delivered in person, must arrive at the RAWF between the days/hours listed above. Please ensure you provide your courier with the office hours above when scheduling your shipment. Exhibits must be delivered to:
    Agriculture Show Office
    Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
    Door #33, Manitoba Drive
    Exhibition Place
    Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3
  4. If you are hand delivering your entries, please call the Show Office at (416) 263-3418 upon arrival.
  5. Entries being judged on Saturday November 4, 2023, can be delivered day of judging between 9:00 am - 10:00 am at the East Loading Dock Door #20 where they will be asked to show proof of entry in the competition.
  6. If an exhibitor delivers their tall giant on a pole, the RAWF will exchange the poll at the time of delivery (if desired), saving a return trip to pick up their own pole at Fair’s end.
  7. Only one entry in any class will be accepted from one individual, with the exception of "Any Other Giant Vegetable" classes, in which one exhibitor may enter multiple entries of different varieties. Any entry in an "Any Other Giant Vegetable" class must indicate the specific type of variety on the entry.
  8. The same vegetable cannot be entered in more than one class. For example, a carrot can be entered in class 4 (by length) or class 5 (by weight) but the same carrot cannot be entered in both class 4 & 5.
  9. Vines must be trimmed to 1 inch from the stem of the fruit.
  10. Foreign material may not be included in the weighing. All entries must be cleaned and sound in the opinion of the judges. To enforce this, the judges may x-ray or may open the specimen. Judges have the right to disqualify entries.
  11. Foliage can only be included if it forms an integral part of the plant.
  12. All roots will be cut cleanly from the main body of the specimen, except where roots are an integral part of the specimen (i.e. carrot, beet, parsnip, onion).
  13. Specimens of equal weight will be declared co-winners.
  14. Any vegetable of competitive merit will be properly weighed and judged to Canadian Giant Vegetable Standards (https://www.gvgo.ca/judging-rules).
  15. All exhibits are under the control and subject to the order of the Horticulture Superintendent who may order the removal from the floor display in order to maintain an attractive and educational presentation to the public. Exhibitors that have indicated intent to pick up their entries on their entry form will be contacted.
  16. Exhibitors must advise the RAWF on their Entry Form if their intention is to pick up their entries, or if they will be donating them to The Royal. Entries must be collected by the Removal Time listed above. All remaining entries will be discarded or donated to the local food bank.
  17. Provincial Assistance: Some provinces may offer to pay the costs of shipping for approved entries to the Royal Horticulture Show. Contact your provincial agriculture office for information.




Red/Violet Beet Root by Weight

Washed, No stems or leaves


Cabbage by Weight

Root ball and stalk removed at bottom leaves


Ornamental/Flowering Cabbage or Kale by Diameter

Grown in an 18 inch container


Carrot Root by Length

Washed, no stems or leaves


Carrot Root by Weight

Washed, no stems or leaves


Long Gourd, Sicilian Zucchini, Snake, Serpent Gourd

Stems attached, but not included in length. Length will be determined by a straight line.


Marrow by Weight

Stems included


Parsnip Root by Length (min 24 inches)

Washed, no leaves


Parsnip Root by Weight

Clean, no leaves


Potato by Weight



Giant Onion by Weight


Sunflower Head by Diameter including 5 ft of Stalk

Heads must be strictly sound and NOT wet and include 75% of the seeds

** Sunflower heads are allowed to be hooded except for during judging.


Kale (Flowering Kale) or Collard by Height

(Grown in a minimum 18 inch container) No Transplants


Kohlrabi by Weight

Trimmed with no stems, roots or leaves.


Rutabaga by Weight

Washed, no stems or leaves


Field Pumpkin by Weight

Washed, stem attached


Any Other Giant Vegetable or Fruit of Competitive Merit

(In respect to a world record)


Any Living Giant Vegetable of Competitive Merit

(Grown in a min. 18 inch container) No Transplants


Turnip By Weight

Washed, no stems or leaves


Corn Stalk by Height (min. 12 ft)


Sunflower Stalk by Height (min. 12 ft)

Washed roots, attached to 1-1/4 inch top rail metal pole for display with clear tape.


Watermelons by Weight (2024 Feature Vegetable)

Stem attached


Fodder Beet by Weight


Display of Squash

Must occupy a 4ft by 4ft area.


2024 Royal Giant Pumpkin Or Squash Challenge

Giant Vegetable Growers bringing in entries for Class 25 should enter at Door #33 off Manitoba Drive.


Overall Youth Exhibitor

To be eligible for this class, the entry must be accompanied by a one page (8-1/2x11) document with the growing instruc

This document will appear on the website with the results and will be on display with the entry.

Prize Money

Prize Money: Classes 1 - 21, 23 - 27


Prize Money: Feature Vegetable (Class 22)


Prize Money: Giant Pumpkin / Squash Challenge (Class 25)



Grand Champion Giant Vegetable Exhibitor Award

A plaque will be presented to the Giant Vegetable exhibitor with the highest overall points. These points will be determined based on their placing.

Len Rush Memorial Trophy (Perpetual)

In memory of the many years of dedicated participation at the RAWF, the Toronto Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association generously donates this trophy in the name of Len Rush to the Grand Champion Giant Vegetable Exhibitor. Each year, the winner's name will be inscripted in the trophy. A suitable memento will be presented to the winner.

World Record

If a new record giant vegetable or fruit is officially certified at the RAWF, the RAWF will reconginze the exhibitor with an award of $500.

RAWF Record

If the 2023 first place weight, length, or height is an improvement over the RAWF's best records, there will be an award of $50* (Classes 1 - 23 only)