Ready To Eat Meat Snack Competition



DATE: Tuesday October 31, 2023

TIME: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Royal Ballroom


Competition Information

Entry Deadline: Friday September 29, 2023

Entry Fees: $12.00 per entry

Exhibit Arrival Time: Monday October 23, 2023 to Sunday October 29, 2023. Office hours are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, except Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


    1. Entries must be made via AssistExpo, RAWF's online entry system. Please email if you would like to make your entries over the phone or via a paper entry form.
    2. ALL exhibits, whether shipped (prepaid) or delivered in person, must arrive at the RAWF between the entry delivery dates listed above. Please ensure you provide your courier with the office hours above when scheduling your shipment. Exhibits must be delivered to:
      1. Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Attn: Agriculture Show Office, Door #39 Manitoba Drive, Exhibiton Place, Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3
    3. If you are hand delivering your entries, please call the Show Office at (416) 263-3418 upon arrival.
    4. All meat must be 100% Canadian in Origin.
    5. Meat can be from any species. Ingredient list must be included.
    6. All entries must be produced in a faciltiy regulated by the applicable federal or provincial inspection programs in Ontario using recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and prcess controls.
    7. Recipes must be the property of the exhibitor.
    8. If processed in a contracted facility, the process facility must be named.
    9. Entries must consist of two (2) sperately packaged portions, minimum 100g each. One (1) package must be in plain, non-branded packaging with only the supplied RAWF label, ingredient list and heat rating listed on the package. The second package may be branded. Sausages must be submitted whole and will be sliced before judging.
    10. Entries must be ready-to-eat. Entries will not be cooked or heated for judging. Entries will be refridgerated if indicated as such.
    11. Product may be packaged in a manner to maintain the safety and integrity of the product during distribution and handling (i.e., sealed, leak proof bags or liners).
    12. Judges may disqualify entries if there is a reason to suspect the entry is not safe to consume.
    13. The decision of the judges are final.
    14. All entries become the property of the RAWF. No entries will be returned.
    15. After the entry closing date, the RAWF will send each exhibitor a confirmation letter outlining thier entries as well as labels for their products.These labels will contain the section #, class # and ID # for each entry. Please place the label on the outside of the appropriate product. All entries will be anonymous and the origins of the entry will not be shared until all of the judging has been completed.

    RTE Meat Snacks will be judged on the following criteria:

    Apperance:5 points
    Flavour:5 points
    Texture:5 points
    Aroma:5 points
    Salinity:5 points
    Originality:5 points
    TOTAL:30 points