Step into a realm of green innovation at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair's Sustainability Zone.

We're proud to feature the efforts of organizations leading the charge towards a more sustainable future


Live Green Toronto, a City of Toronto program, is your go-to resource for ushering in a more sustainable future for yourself and your community.

As Canada’s largest food rescue charitable organization, Second Harvest leads the charge in combatting food waste. Partnering with a diverse array of food businesses throughout the supply chain, they diligently work to curtail the volume of edible food heading for disposal. The result? A remarkable model that redirects surplus food to thousands of deserving charities and non-profits across Canada.

With roots dating back to 1881, the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association (OBA) stands as one of Ontario’s most enduring and esteemed farm organizations. For over a century, the OBA has been dedicated to safeguarding the vital role of bees in our agricultural landscape.