Charlotte Langley (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, November 7th at 1:15pm • Presented by Burnbrae Farms

Attention school groups this cooking class is being held for you! – Click the link to fill out the form.

Chef Charlotte Langley is a renowned Celebrity Chef and Entrepreneur based in Canada. With a background encompassing Product Development, Culinary Arts, Ocean Stewardship and Business Development, Chef Charlotte has carved a niche in the culinary world through a fusion of passion and expertise.

A true epicurean, Chef Charlotte’s love for cooking, fine wines, and waterways stewardship is matched only by an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and culinary innovation. As the Founder of Scout Canning, Chef Charlotte is at the forefront of promoting responsible food production and crafting exceptional culinary experiences.

With a dedication to heritage, passion, and craftsmanship, Chef Charlotte langley is a trusted name in the culinary industry, known for championing quality, authenticity, and a profound connection to food, all while exploring the depths of flavor and sustainability.