Cindy Fung

Friday, November 3rd at 1:15pm • Presented by Canada Beef

People might know Cindy Fung as @caviarcitizen. Cindy grew up in Windsor, Ontario but she’s been living in Toronto for 10 years. She is a self-taught chef who learned from corporate brands such as Joeys and Milestones. She also interned with Masterchef, DemonChef, Alvin Leung at his 2-Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong. Pre-pandemic, she was a partner at Pray Tell Bar, creating a beautiful brunch and snack program. 

Currently, she is working on some of her own start-up brands and an umbrella company, Caviar Citizen Inc, a lifestyle, event and hospitality group. Before Caviar Citizen was developed, she started Preserve Indulgence in 2014 from her condo space as a secret pop-up supper club selling tickets for a story-telling dinner experience. Another recognizable brand is her prepared meal company, Sixteen Ounce. A subscription based delivery services that she created in the beginning of the pandemic to promote healthy eating that is delicious and easy to reheat. 

When she’s not in the kitchen, she loves indulging in feel good moments and creating food as art; Cindy loves food, fashion, makeup and skincare. She gets her inspiration from her adventures and travels. You might find her riding her longboard on the coast of LA or just grabbing some street eats anywhere.