November 6 - 1:15 pm

Kids Cooking Series with Tawfik Shehata

Tawfik Shehata

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It’s really quite simple. I believe food should make people feel comfortable. It’s all about good, comfortable surroundings and good people. I have cooked in many different restaurants in Canada and the Caribbean (yes I miss the islands, in case you were wondering). I have cooked Regional Asian, Regional Italian, Jamaican, Classical French, Modern French and the list goes on and on. Of the many things I have learned on my journey, it’s not what I cook, it’s how I cook. I have operated a farm which has given me an understanding of the amount of work involved with getting food to the table and an appreciation for who does the hardest work for what we eat. In many cases the provenance of a product is almost as important as the product itself. For this reason I feel sourcing product is as important a process as preparing it.

Luckily for me (and you!) Southern Ontario is a Land of Plenty! The best ingredients make the best food, end of story. Voted one of the “Top Ten New Chefs in Canada” by enRoute Magazine and featured on Food Network Canada, CBC and SUN TV, Canadian Living, City Bites, Tonic Magazine, Healthy Directions and the Media Spokesperson for Foodland Ontario.

For more information, follow Chef Tawfik Shehata on Twitter @tawfikshehata.

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