4-H Field Crops Competition



Date: Wednesday November 1, 2023

Time: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Show Office, Lower East Annex

Important Dates and Reminders

Entry Closing Date:Friday September 29, 2023
Exhibit Arrival:Tuesday October 24, 2023 to Sunday October 29, 2023. Office hours are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, except Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Entry Delivery Address:

Agriculture Show Office, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Door #33, Manitoba Drive, Exhibiton Place
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3

2023 4-H Field Crops Committee

Chair: Kim Turnball
Superintendent: Raymond Wilson

Duane Falk

Donna Hancock

Doug Murphy
Dawn Turnball

Honorary Member: Doug McLaren

Rules and Regulations:

  1. To be eligible to compete in this section an exhibitor must:
    1. Be a bona fide 4-H member of any 4-H Club organized in the current year, and have produced the product from which the exhibit is selected.
    2. Crop samples must be the current crop production year only.
  2. Every entry must be made on a RAWF Entry Form and signed by an official or leader of the 4-H program concerned. Entries can also be made online via Assist Expo, RAWF’s entry system.
  3. After entries have closed, the Agriculture Show Office will issue a confirmation of entry to each participant, and exhibit tags (2 per entry). Please use the tags to send in your exhibits (refer to rule 6a).
  4. Exhibits of insufficient quality, as deemed by the judges, will be disqualified. Exhibits which do not meet the criteria for the class, as written in the class description, will be disqualified.
  5. Each exhibit shall consist of the quantity indicated below. Samples of Insufficient size will be disqualified.
    1. Grain – 2 kg. Must be double bagged in heavy duty ziplock bags with sticker attached to outside of bag or identification tags placed inside bag.
    2. Ear Corn – 10 ears. Must be dry. Do not ship in plastic bags.
    3. Shelled Corn - Must be dry.
    4. Hay — Please provide a 30x40x45 cm (12"x16"x18") section of a small square bale or equivalent sized sample of a large square bale or large round bale, tied by two (2) strings. All hay must be machine baled.
    5. Sheaves – Not less than 13 centimeters (5") or more than 18 centimeters (7") in diameter at the centre band. Please note that sheaves entered in previous years will not be accepted in the current year.
  6. Exhibitors are requested to observe the following points:
    1. When shipping, please use the supplied exhibit tags. Place one tag inside the container, the other firmly attached to the outside. Each tag must bear the name of the exhibitor, exhibitor number, the class number and the variety. Homemade tags may be used.
    2. All exhibits, whether shipped (prepaid) or delivered in person, must arrive at the RAWF during the drop off dates listed above.
    3. Entries may be delivered to Donna Hancock's office (Room 116 - Crop Science Building, University of Guelph Campus, Guelph, ON) between Monday October 23 and Tuesday October 24. A Royal staff member will deliver them to Toronto. Please email Donna at dhancock@wellingtonfibres.on.ca if you are planning on dropping off your entries in Guelph.
    4. Only one entry per exhibitor per class.
  7. No person other than judges and officials will be permitted in the Field Crop exhibit area during judging.
  8. Any exhibit which in the opinion of the judges has been treated in such a manner as to impair its usefulness, or which is considered to be of inferior quality, or does not consist of the quantity required, will be disqualified.
  9. It is a condition of entry that all exhibits, except Sheaves and Artistic Displays, shall become the property of the
    1. Displays will not be shipped back to exhibitors, however, exhibitors may obtain them by picking exhibits up from the Field Crop Superintendent atThe Royal Agricultural Winter Fair after Sunday, November 13th, 2022 beginning at 6:00 pm and no later than Monday November 14th, 2022, at noon.
    2. If the exhibitor dropped thier entries off in Guelph, they may pick them up from the same room on Monday November 20 and Tuesday November 21. Please email Donna at dhancock@wellingtonfibres.on.ca if planning tp pick entries up in Guelph.

    Prize Money

    Prize money paid for classes will be based on the number of exhibits shown. Rosettes 1st - 3rd, Flats 4th - 10th

    CLASSES 1 - 9
    1-8 Exhibits
    CLASSES 1 - 9
    1-8 Exhibits
    CLASSES 10 - 13






    4-H Field Crops



    Wheat, Any Variety


    Oats, Any Variety


    Barley, 6 Rowed


    Barley, 2 Rowed


    Corn, Ear, Dent


    Corn, Shelled, Dent


    Soybeans, Any Variety


    Hay, First Cut


    Hay, Second Cut Or Later


    Sheaf, Oat


    Sheaf, Wheat


    Sheaf, Barley


    Artistic Display 4-H

    Class 13: Artistic Display

    Rules: The artistic display will depict an agricultural topic related to the "The World Around Us Celebrating Nature" using seeds, grains and/or plant material. These materials used do not have to be produced by the exhibitor. Displays are to be mounted on a plywood base with a raised border to protect the display during shipping and handling.

    Size: Not to exceed 37cm x 37cm (15"x15") by 4cm (1.5") deep or exhibit will be disqualified.

    • The seed, grain or plant materials may be coloured prior to application to the display board. *Painting, colouring, or tinting materials after attachig to the board will result in disqualifications.
    • Entries that have been exhibited at the RAWF in any previous year will be disqualified from the competition.
    • If the exhibitor is using the 4-H logo, please ensure that it is the current 4-H Canada or 4-H Ontario logo. The only logos allowed for use in the artistic display competition are those of the RAWF and 4-H.
    • Names must be written on the back of the display board. A border is required to protect the entry from damage due to handling


    The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, in partnership with 4-H Canada, is pleased to offer the Jack Pemberton Youth Development Bursary to a senior 4-H member in Canada with a keen interest in agriculture and a desire to attend The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.

    Jack Pemberton was a Past President and Honourary Life Governor of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Mr. Pemberton created this opportunity to travel to Toronto to visit The Royal firsthand, as he felt it is a wonderful experience for anyone who is interested in agriculture.

    The 101st Royal Agricultural Winter Fair runs from November 3 to 12, 2023.

    The successful applicant will be awarded a $3,000 bursary.

    • $2,250 of the funds will be used to cover the cost of travel to and within Toronto (airfare and all transportation between the airport, hotel, and The Royal grounds).
    • $750 as a bursary award towards the recipient’s post-secondary education.

    In memory of Mr. Pemberton, The Royal will provide General Admission passes and up to three nights of accommodation (double occupancy), for the winner and a guest. The Royal staff will also provide a suggested itinerary of events to attend, including some VIP opportunities. The itinerary will be put together based on the interests expressed in the winner’s application.

    BURSARY AMOUNT: $3,000


    • Canadian 4-H member in good standing.
    • Will be entering their final year of high school in September 2023.
    • Have plans for post-secondary education in an agriculture-related program.
    • Have demonstrated involvement in agriculture.

    NOTE: Preference will be given to those who have not attended The Royal Agricultrual Winter Fair before.


    • Cover letter, to explain why you are excited about and deserving of this opportunity.
    • Your resume.
    • Letter of recommendation from a 4-H Leader or other relevant agriculture group leader.

    The winner will be notified no later than September 30, 2023.

    For more information please contact the 4-H Canada Program Department at program@4-h-canada.ca.

    Applications open August 1st, 2023 and close September 15th, 2023 at 11:59 ET.
    Submit your application online at https://apply.4-h-canada.ca/

    Jack Pemberton was born in Toronto and lived there until he and his wife Lillian bought farm property near Georgetown, Ontario. Jack discovered his passion for horses and carriages while in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and was able to pursue this hobby now that he had some land. He taught himself how to drive, and became very skilled at restoring carriages, often showing at fairs around Canada and the United States - even becoming a Royal Champion. Jack has supported many associations and fairs throughout the world. As a past President and member of the board, Jack's influence on The Royal has been, and will continue to be, greatly valued.